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Gasketed plate heat exchanger

API provides a comprehensive range of plate heat exchangers of the traditional type, featuring gaskets between the plates.

The conventional type of API plate heat exchangers uses heat transfer plates fitted with gaskets that seal off each channel from the next, and direct the fluids into alternate channels.

This type of plate heat exchanger is used throughout industry as standard equipment for efficient heating, cooling, heat recovery, condensation and evaporation.

Generally speaking, all of these API units are notable for:

The range is continually being updated and extended to include new technical features and design innovations. The T series, for example, is built with a new frame design that paves the way to more plates per frame as well as opportunities for the use of modularised components. This ensures even easier and more rational assembly and service.

There is also a range of special wide-gap gasketed plate heat exchangers designed to cope with fluids that contain fibres and coarse particles. Units with wide-gap channels are also eminently suitable for use with highly viscous fluids.



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